Diablo Forge was established in 1998, when I had completed my formal education (MFA, Sculpture, U of A Tucson AZ), taught high school and spent several years of practical experience assisting leading sculptural blacksmiths in AZ, CA, IL and MN.

Product Strategy:

Produce sculptural objects designed to match clients artistic tastes and practical needs.

Long Term Goals:

Continue to balance economics with artistic rigor. (Cover my overhead with time to make art and teach).

Persue private and public art commissions.

Share my knowledge and love of what I do with others.

David Flynn

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Ostyn-Newman Interior design



massive hinge video
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Reflection 2009- 22'x16'x4'H- This piece refers to the location of where the Pantano and
Tanque Verde washes converge forming the Rillito River. Located at Rillito River Park.


David Flynn